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It’s been an interesting week so far on the exercise front – and a good one, in that I’ve been able to ride Bella the Bianchi twice already this week.   The bad (and predictable) news is that I’m as unfit and weak as anything.  It’s quite the challenge for me not to compare my performance to my cycling past and quite a step to accept that for now, this state of affairs is the ‘new normal’.

Tuesday saw me doing a “crack o’ arse” Riverloop with fellow Shebeast (teammate) Caro.  I always laugh when I hear that term, coined by a few 12WBT ladies I was following on Twitter about five years ago.   The little Lucys are on school holidays so the idea is to get my workout done before they are out of bed.

Yesterday saw me reunited with Coach Liz and some of my Audax overnight ride partners to do some flat efforts around Graceville. Again, I was painfully slow and unfit, yet it felt great to be out and about with the group and doing something.  I even managed to nail the Indooroopilly Road hill climb after promising everyone that I would hop off the bike and walk if things became unmanageable.  However, the wonderful part was that it wasn’t which gives me confidence that I’m not going to get stuck anywhere due to an incline. 🙂


Afterwards I had a chat to Liz about a few of my goals and aspirations – except I forgot the memo that I’m in the “new normal”, not the “old normal”.   Liz, in her wise way, was able to advise me kindly that the next few months would still be about recovery as nobody really knows how old  “Mr T” (my new name for my hamstring tendon) is going to cope – but to keep slowly increasing training load, but “going my own way” so to speak.    Thus training for a ‘big ticket’ event is probably not too wise at this stage because there is too much of the unknown.

I’ve been doing a ton of reading about hamstring tendinopathy as it relates to posture and it seems that a posture that tends towards anterior tilting of the pelvis (that would be me) is at a disadvantage as it places the hamstrings in full stretch.   I’ve also been reading about the effect of running gait on the hamstrings and beginning to understand why the few physios I’ve talked to about this recommend that eventually I start running to put more load through the tendon to strengthen it further.

Of course there’s always a fine line between overdoing it and finding just the right amount of challenge that makes you uncomfortable but gets you results in strength and healing.   After yesterday’s ride, Mr T was complaining a little, but when I woke up this morning and hit the gym for some strengthening work, I felt fantastic.    My next physio appointment is on Monday, which I’m rather looking forward to – one step closer to that green light to run!



6 thoughts on “You can go your own way…

  1. This ‘new normal’ is only a temporary state and is probably a good thing. It’ll hold you back from doing too much while Mr T continues to heal and strengthen.

  2. Oh it would be hard not to be tempted to overdo it when you know you’ve done (and are capable of) so much more! It must be a challenge not to push yourself… which is probably why it’s good talking to others about goals etc..


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