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Who am I then?


I’ve been pondering change – specifically in the definition of what my purpose is.   I’m currently examining my blog’s title, Fitter Liz. Am I Fitter Liz?   What defines Fitter Liz?   I have always defined myself around the health and fitness sphere and I’m wondering if that needs to change. When I injured my leg and was rendered inactive for awhile due to surgery/recovery etc, it seemed like the bottom fell out of my world. Who was I then, if I didn’t have my group fitness “career”, competitive cyclist mantle or fitness expert tag anymore? The nature of my injury and the length of recovery time has meant trying to work in the health and fitness field is not realistic – I dream of one day being able to go to a step class as a participant, but I will never teach a class again. I’ll never lift heavy weights, I’ll never showcase someone’s fitness transformation – that part of my life has ended.

I try to imagine who I will be in five years’ time, what I will be doing, what I will be wearing and how I’ll be feeling about myself. I know that my interest in being physically active will be life long and I am certain that I’ll continue to ride, run, swim, lift etc for the rest of my years. I’m sure I’ll be still sharing my knowledge with others in a coaching role as the years progress as I love to see others learn, grow and improve. However I know that I’m no longer going to be defining who I am by what I achieve through physical activity. Who will I be? Ask me in five years’ time!

In the meantime, I can feel a blog change coming on. Maybe it’s time to change from being Fitter Liz to just Liz or something else entirely!

Do you define yourself by your work or your pursuits?

4 thoughts on “Who am I then?

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years time? That’s an interview question isn’t it? I always thought it was a ridiculous one because who thinks that far ahead?! Personally I think you could keep your name because even though your fitness level may have changed your attitude hasn’t.

  2. Exciting times Liz! I remember when you changed from… was it Last Chance Liz? Actually that sounds like a bucket list blog! Something similar I think!

    I’m glad you’re spending time planning and thinking of the future! Very inspiring.


  3. I had hamstring avulsion and it is a very long recovery. I found myself pondering the same issue. Everything I was and which made up my identity felt like it was all taken from me the day I did my injury. It was a time of real reflection, the independent strong active woman was gone and I had to rely on others which was so hard. I have come to realise that life is a journey and we change, seasons come and go and experiences change us. I believe that the attitude we have towards life, never losing hope and finding things in our lives to be great full for everyday are what makes for a good life.

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