Time to start blogging! (again)

It’s been a long time between blogs and to be honest, with all the ‘noise’ that the internet generates with Facebook, Instagram and the like, I’ve been wondering whether blogging is a welcome addition or not. Yet, occasionally I read back on some of my race reports and various fitness experiences and am glad I have documented them, because I can see how much I’ve learned about all sorts of things, bike riding in particular. On that basis, I’ve decided to keep this blog as a personal account of how my fitness journey is unfolding.


Since I last blogged, in terms of cycling events, I’ve participated in Battle on the Border,National Masters TT event, the Cunningham Classic and a few criteriums and other local events. In terms of goals, I’m always after self improvement and the last six months has just been about chipping away at and maintaining my fitness. I did participate in Ride the Range and even did the Ipswich 160 last weekend, the distance reminding me of how much mental discipline is involved when you start feeling tired and fret that you haven’t ridden that type of distance forever and a day. Anyway, was super glad to have completed it.

In terms of “what’s next?” I’m lining up to do the Coot-tha Challenge on Sunday and some local races and events over the next month or so. I am hoping, that if finances permit, that I can tackle the 160km Taupo Challenge in New Zealand in November. Or start gravel biking. Or ride the track. Who knows? I’m up for the challenge of something different but I don’t know just “what” yet.


I keep persisting at my rehab. Even three years down the track, I still have to do specific strengthening exercises to keep that left hamstring “awake”. I have started to incorporate heavier strength training into the mix by working with a strength and conditioning coach at UQ and that has given me a new lease of life at the gym – I’m enjoying the training and progressing in all of my lifts. In terms of hamstring performance, I am still having difficulties running and I attribute that to left hamstring and glute weakness, though hoping to have another shot at it again soon after continuing to work at things a bit more. I am attributing the strength training to less visits to the physio…fingers crossed.

Anyway, that’s probably enough from me for now. I am forever amazed that I have something profound written in my head, but once I put pen to paper it conveniently disappears. Guess why it’s called “writer’s block!

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