Three Peaks Challenge – Seven Weeks to Go!

With seven weeks to go until the Three Peaks Challenge, I’m pleased to have laid down a solid week of training for the event, both volume and elevation wise. With my scheduled 150km ride being pushed forward to Monday, it meant that I clocked up another (nearly) 500km week. Such a solid workload has meant noticeable improvements in my fitness and “performance” up hills, the highlight of my week being taking ten minutes off my previous time up Mt Tomewin. It’s a 7km winding climb, beginning near Murwillimbah and winds its way uphill until one is deposited at the Queensland – New South Wales border gates.

This week’s other rides also included coaching Long Pocket efforts with the triathlon club as well as running a time trial riding clinic. It was quite odd to be spending time riding on my time trial bike on flat roads, but lots of fun. There were also a few nasty ascents of Mt Coottha, but I’m always grateful to complete them,as I tell myself, “your strength is improving!”

If I had to think of a theme for this week’s mood, it would centre around the concept of “fear”. This week I pulled out the riding information about the back of Falls Creek – approximately ten kilometres of climbing at approximately ten percent gradient. My initial reaction to reading these facts filled me with fear. Fear of “what if I don’t make it? what if I can’t do it?”. I believe the emotion of fear is a natural one, an ode to inbuilt genetically based human safety mechanisms that stop us all from overstepping the line. Which is a good thing. Yet, we all seem to hold fear up to be a negative experience. However, when I dissected my personal thoughts around “what if I can’t do it?”, I realised that I can use this “fear” as a call to action.

Virginia Roth sums it up:

“It’s not about being fearless, it’s about acting in spite of fear.”

I’m planning to answer this call to action by focusing on giving my best to my event training. In the next seven week training block scheduled, there are climbs I haven’t done before, and a ride over a certain distance that I have never achieved. However, I’m going to say “hell yeah” (thanks to Liz for the quote that just won’t die) to the possibility of improving strength, fitness and mental resilience. I’m going to follow the nutrition plan laid down for me by Peter. I can’t control the outcome on the day but I can take action on as many of the steps as I can to get there.

OK, back to training and taking action. Looking forward to reporting on the six week to go mark!

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