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My life as Social Media sees it, changed last Monday. I received an offer to study for a Post Grad Diploma of Arts, majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication. Thus I changed my personal Facebook profile to read, “studying journalism at University of Qld”, rather than “exercise scientist” or “pharmacist”. It was strangely exhilarating to imagine that I had changed my entire world with one mouse click, however the truth is that change has been in the pipeline for a long time.

I’m genuinely excited at the prospect of journalism, which in a nutshell, is about telling a story. I am hoping to use the skills I develop in reporting accurate stories and using my ability to give a voice back to people that have lost theirs, to write for the common good. What is wonderful about journalism is that everybody has a story, whether they believe it or not. I’m also a little bit terrified at the prospect of returning to university studies after twenty years. However, if there was no fear, I guess there would be no personal growth or chances to learn new things, so my strategy is to allow myself to be open to new experiences and to go with the flow.

Here’s the update on my 2016 progress.

Firstly – training! I am currently training for the Mooloolaba triathlon, which is only 8 weeks away. My cycling is progressing nicely under the tutelage of Coach Liz and whilst I am a long way off past personal bests, I am making inroads into my fitness. I repeated my Mt Mee epic with two friends from UQCC on Sunday and it was much easier to cope with than the first attempt. I have started doing pre season individual time trial work. I am climbing hills. On the bike, life is good. Swimming is also an enjoyment, thanks to the UQ Adult swim squad sessions that push me to the limit every time – my goal is to be out of the remedial lane by the end of the year. Running is another animal altogether – since having the whole hamstring off and then back on, the bone – I have never been able to run properly. Today’s effort on the treadmill was a first – limited by lack of fitness, rather than pain. I am diligently attacking my hamstring strength exercises – I am not giving up on the dream of running!

Secondly – nutrition! In the work I am doing with One by One Nutrition, we are tackling a second habit – that of learning to master hunger. Upon first glance it seems rather obvious – however, I believe that in first world society, we’ve been led to believe that hunger is a horror to be avoided. This habit is all about putting hunger into an appropriate context for both fat loss and maintenance, the idea being to physically allow yourself to become hungry before meals, rather than eating to a schedule. For me, combining this with the three meals a day concept hasn’t been too hard – I’m usually pretty hungry before each meal. The biggest challenge I face is becoming more organised with my meal planning. I’ve discovered that I work best having a loose eating plan and that I don’t like to be tied down or committing to eat a certain meal, unless I’m working and need to pack lunch. Anything too structured seems to set off my rebellious streak. It’s been a departure from the “let’s count calories and offset exercise method” and I’m pleased to say that the scale showed another drop this week, inching me closer to my interim race weight goal for Mooloolaba.

Thirdly – mental health/self development! Since deciding to spend some time addressing the mental health side of things, I’ve felt much better. I will blog about what visiting a psychologist entails in a future blog. Looking after our mental health as well as our physical being goes hand in hand.

I hope that if you are making evidence based changes to your life, that you are doing well.

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