Seven Week Strength Project – Update Four


The Seven Week Strength Project is coming to a close with my physio appointment coming up in the next two weeks. I haven’t had a good run with the strength training side of things over the school holidays and need to recommit this week so that I can finish strong. Thus I’m planning to get two sessions of strength work in before the week is out in order to try and “catch up”.

However, I can see the benefits of the strength training that I have managed to do and as a result I’ve been able to do the Twilight Bay run, Robbie’s Gran Fondo and participate in a duathlon set with the triathlon club. I am fast approaching the one year anniversary of the accident and wow, has it been a tumultuous year that’s been just as mentally scarring as it has been physically damaging.

I’m going to celebrate the one year milestone with a 160km ride to the Gold Coast and back. I do have the option to pull out and catch the train home but hopefully my legs and lungs will be ready for such a feat. Then it will be time to decide on what direction to take next!

3 thoughts on “Seven Week Strength Project – Update Four

  1. You’ve done a great job and I can’t believe how quickly the time’s been passing since you started this rehab process. (Well, quickly for me….)

    It’s a great goal / celebration and love that you’re already working out ‘what’s next’.


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