Seven Week Strength Project – Update 3


Here it is – update three of my seven week strength project! It’s been a week of achievements in camp Fitter Liz and as I write this, I’m feeling deliriously happy – I have not only run 5km, but also attempted my first post operative climbs and whilst they weren’t quick, they were achieved!!

Today I did lactate threshold style training with the UQ Triads (I am a member of both the UQ Cycling Club and the Tri Squad) and felt as if I was a little bit stronger on the bike. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I uploaded my data and achieved a “QOM” (Queen of the Mountain) on one of the ride segments. It has been a long, long time since I have achieved one of those!

In the past week, I have also been able to lift my good leg off the ground off a short lever, which is showing my improved strength. This week hasn’t been great for doing my exercises so I’ve scheduled a session in the gym for tomorrow morning – that is after my RUN session on the UQ athletics track. I am running with the Triads again – and understandably nervous about doing an exercise session dedicated to running. However, as I keep telling myself, you don’t know what you can do until you just give it a go.

To sum up, it is amazing how much better you feel about yourself and life in general, when you achieve some success. This week, I’m really reaping the benefits of the efforts that have gone before where I’ve thought that life sucks, but have just gone out there and done it anyway. I now understand why Winston Churchill uttered those famous words, “never give up”. As someone who becomes afflicted with the black dog, it’s a nice reminder that sometimes, when you think all hope is lost, success lies just around the corner.

With that thought in mind, have a happy Thursday.

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