Return to Fitness – Week Two


This week, I’ve had a rude reminder that a return to fitness is not linear.   For the most part, this last week has been a challenge, both mentally and physically.   I’ve had some pain at the attachment site (ischial tuberosity) and with the thought of not wanting to go through inflammatory tendinitis because I’ve overdone it, I consciously dialled it back on a few days last week.   My lack of activity is playing havoc with my sleep patterns and I’m hoping that this week brings more sunshine in terms of what I can do.

Progress last week:

Tuesday:   5553 steps

Wednesday:  5300 steps

Thursday:  7730 steps

Friday:   5200 steps  (Note: went to Coles and did the grocery shopping – just about wiped me out 🙁 )

Saturday:   3786 steps

Sunday:   9280 steps  (Not sleeping well, so thought I’d bump up the movement a bit)

Today I have my first post op visit to the physiotherapist where I’ll be able to assess where I am and what I can do.   I have noticed that I have way more mobility than I did at the beginning of last week, even though I’m sore.  Plus Mr Lucy has set up the spin bike, DVD player and wide screen TV in my little rehab cave, so I am looking forward to trying out the bike this week, if sitting on the seat is tolerable.

Overall, not a great deal to report – between weeks three and four seems to be a case of “keep on keeping on”. Here’s to progress this week!

4 thoughts on “Return to Fitness – Week Two

  1. It sounds like you’re doing everything you should be to keep on keeping on.

    As I’ve said I’m astoundingly unfit at the moment. My last foray into getting fit (late last year and early this year) kept getting interrupted by Christmas break, then my ear infection, then something else. And just as I’d start feeling fitter I’d feel worse and I ended up letting the feeling get to me and quit. It’s a shame as—when I felt I was getting fitter—I was so proud of myself.


  2. It’s a frustrating thing to come back from injury but it’s definitely worth taking the time and doing it properly. Dialling it back when you’re feeling sore is definitely the right thing to do. Fingers crossed that the bike is comfy and you’re getting back to normal sleep habits soon.

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