Return to Fitness – Week Five!


Today marks officially seven week’s post op and the last week has been a rollercoaster to say the least.   I visited my physio who gave me clearance to swim, to use the cross trainer, do weights and upgraded the rehab side of things.  I was very excited and thought that I might head back to the gym when disaster struck – I was cleaning the kitchen floor in my slippers, when suddenly – whoosh!  I slipped forward and onto the floor, bad leg first.

It was excruciating – and I lunged towards the couch before I had a chance to faint.  Wow, injury is a painful thing!   It originally felt like I had torn my butt muscles but as the gluteus maximus lies over the ischial tuberosity and by definition the hamstring attachment.  I was extremely worried that I had retorn the hamstring off the bone again.   I limped to the physio again on Friday who diagnosed a piriformis tear and advised rest – so did my surgeon, who I had emailed immediately in a panic.

Four days of pain passed with no exercise, and finally on Monday, I started feeling a bit better.  Today I went for a pedal on the stationary bike, took the dog for a walk, and drumroll…went to the gym for the first time today.  I tried the treadmill and the cross trainer and did my rehab exercises and some upper body weights.  I’m probably going to be sore with DOMS tomorrow but I am looking forward to that type of pain.

Hopefully if I recover well from today, I might get a swim in tomorrow.   Bring on recovery and strength and fitness and all the good feelings that come with it!

3 thoughts on “Return to Fitness – Week Five!

  1. My mum’s had a hip replacement (and knee replacement), neither of which have heeled well, but today she’s having some cortisone on the hip in the hope it stops aching. I’m in town to drive her do am hoping for a slow 10-15min wander nearby as a firm of exercise. I’m getting shin splints and aching hip from any walking, but figure I need to start somewhere!

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