Return to Fitness Week 8 – “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”


I’m getting in a little earlier on a Sunday as I’m heading to the physio first thing tomorrow – and will update again if there are any changes to the plan.

This week has been quite the success!  I’ve been able to exercise more days than not and on Friday I achieved a mini-goal – I participated in an RPM class!   Although I’ve been slowly ramping up my time on the exercise bike, it’s really the first time I’ve maxed out my heart rate post surgery and since the euphoria set in about my little achievement, I’ve been chomping at the bit to do more.

I’ve (sensibly) taken two days of rest after the class – the tendon is a little bit tender today and that is all part of the process of healing – from what I’ve been reading about tendons, they can ‘accumulate’ the effects of training load before showing, hence my idea of having a ‘back off’.

I have also achieved a “hamstring static” in lying, after several attempts earlier in the week produced a grumpy hamstring and I’m hoping for a fuller week at the gym next week.   I am enjoying the upper body strength gains and hoping that I can do two RPM classes next week.

According to the physio, running is still a way off, but nailing the RPM has given me a little bit of confidence that it’s not as far away as it once was.

For anyone reading and wondering about hamstring avulsion rehab, this week I did (in summary):

  • two sessions of 22 minutes on the X trainer (now up to Level 7)
  • two sessions on the treadmill
  • five days of walking 10000 steps plus
  • three upper body/core workouts
  • 3 sessions on the spin bike (including one RPM class)
  • Nordic eccentric hamstring curls (assisted) once a week
  • Lower body strengthening/hammy rehab – 2 sessions.
  • swimming – 1 session

I’m nine weeks post op.  Thought it might be helpful to list it out for anyone that may be googling and wanting to wonder what you can and cannot do at this stage of the game.


4 thoughts on “Return to Fitness Week 8 – “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

  1. Your recovery is going so well Liz. Probably because you’re being so sensible and consistent with it. You’ll be back to a full program in no time.

  2. I’m reading this Monday night so guess you’ve already been to the physio and I hope it went well.

    It sounds like your training is really picking up but that you’re not pushing yourself too hard and likely to reinjure yourself.


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