Return to Fitness Week 7!


I should title this post “I get by with a little help from my friends” as since I’ve started visiting the gym, I’ve been super encouraged by a lot of other members and friends who tell me that I’m one of the “most determined people” they know and that I will get back to peak form.   Plus I’ve had Mr Lucy encouraging me in my comeback endeavours all the way on the home front.

This has been very encouraging as I’ve had a few days in the past week where the old tendon has been tender and sore and I’ve had to take a few unscheduled rest days.  I am learning that tendons can be recalcitrant old bastards –  you can think you’ve made progress, but then you wake up the next day and you’re feeling sore and sorry for yourself.   It’s definitely been an up and down week in that department.

I decided to try swimming again.   Unfortunately I have a real obsession with getting into pools that I perceive to be cold and to add a bit of leverage to my commitment, I decided to take my father with me.  He has been having problems with oedema in his extremities and the physician has recommended swimming.  Even the day of our swimming date, I was trying to come up with various excuses as to why I couldn’t make it.   Then he proudly told me that he had purchased a new swimming costume and I knew at that moment I couldn’t back out.

Thus I ended up swimming 500 metres, being initially very disappointed that putting a pool buoy between my legs elicited a grumpy response in my hamstring tendon.   Then I ditched the buoy and decided to try good old freestyle.  Surprisingly it felt much better.   With the thought of progress in mind, I stopped at 500m in total and decided that I felt rather cheerful about the whole endeavour.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to stomach and upper body DOMS.  Swimming causing DOMS – who knew?

Today I hit the gym and had the best rehab workout I have had in the whole process.  This is where the tendon can cause positive surprises – as I really wasn’t expecting anything.  I’ve progressed to doing assisted Nordic curls once a week.  These babies terrify me. Luckily I have a physio appointment next week and can hopefully do them under supervision.    I’ve also surprised myself in the upper body strength department – each time I train, I have some sort of improvement – a pleasant surprise.

Tomorrow’s planned workout is some time on the the spin bike.  I’ve been using an old faithful  – “Spinervals Aerobase Builder (Best of) ” and I’ve been mixing and matching the various sets.   This will, of course, be dependent on how I’ve recovered from my gym session today.  My “riding” stats have been automatically uploading to Strava and I thank everyone that’s left some “kudos” or an encouraging remark.

In case anyone who is reading this is interested in hamstring avulsion repair, I am nine weeks post op today and probably right on track as far as the rehab process is concerned.   In Australia, our rehab process is pretty aggressive compared with the US.

Have a great week!


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  1. I was thinking of you this weekend when I saw that a well known AFL player had torn his hamstring off the bone. I hope his surgery and recovery goes as well as yours.

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