Return to Fitness – Week 6!


Tomorrow marks 8 weeks since my hamstring avulsion surgery was performed and I’m pleased to say that it’s been all positive as far as the recovery process has been concerned this week – no nasty falls, no strange pain – everything seems to be, well as normal as it can be.

This week I hit the gym for the first time as I had been given clearance from the physio to use the treadmill and cross trainer.  I started slowly – my first session only lasted 10 minutes – five minutes on the treadmill at a paltry 4.0km/hr and 5 minutes on the cross trainer at level one.   I plumped the workout up with some upper body weights which made it feel more worth the effort.    Today I did my third session which was 15 minutes on the treadmill at 5.2km/hr and 15 minutes on the cross trainer at Level One and Two – and increased my weights with my upper body training.    I have also made strides on the stationary bike, hitting my maximum time on Saturday – 42 minutes and counting!   As well, I completed 75,000 steps for the week, so you could say that this week has been a win on the activity front.

I’m seeing the physio tomorrow, aware that I’ve still got a long way to go in the gluteal activation department and overall rehab process.  Hopefully there will be some leg strength progress to report and I’m hoping that I might be given the go ahead to try running, or in my case Cliff Young type shuffling, in the next week or so.   I’m so determined to get my run back that I put in an early bird entry for the Twilight Bay Run in September for the 5km event.  I would usually run 10km, but reckon if I can do five km pain free and at a decent clip, I shall be one happy woman.   As for riding a bike, well that time cannot come fast enough either!


8 thoughts on “Return to Fitness – Week 6!

    1. September’s a good time frame to be having your first race back. There’s still months to go and if your progress continues as well as it’s been going you should have no problems at all doing the 5k.

  1. It sounds like you’re doing really well and NOT overdoing things and at risk of re-injury etc. I’m sure that’s the hardest thing for someone like you, who’s accustomed to pushing themselves hard.

    Hope the physio appt goes / went well.


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