Return to Fitness Week 3


If Week Two in the rehab department was kind of “ho hum”, Week Three ended up being a pleasant surprise!  Firstly, there was a visit to new physiotherapist, Alison Grimaldi, who specialises in hip physiotherapy and she got me started on a round of exercises to help get my glutes firing again and to work on my deep core muscles, which were surprisingly functioning quite well already.    Plus, the big news was that I was allowed to go on the stationary bike and over the course of the week, I’ve built up to twelve minutes or so of pedalling at a time.  I did not go under 7000 steps for most days last week so all in all, I would sum up the last week as a big success.

Step Totals:

Monday: 5250 steps + 2 minutes on the bike

Tuesday:  5000 steps + 3 minutes on the bike  + physio

Wednesday:  8630 steps + 5 minutes on the bike + physio

Thursday:  8720 steps + 7 minutes on the bike + physio

Friday:  5750 steps + 8 minutes on the bike + physio

Saturday:  8025 steps + 12 minutes on the bike + physio

Sunday:   8 200 steps + rest off the bike + physio

My goals for this week are as follows:

  • build to 20 + minutes daily on the bike
  • Get two swim sessions in (could be questionable as I am coming down with a cold but never say never)
  • 10000 steps on two out of the seven days and over 6000 for other days.
  • physio and upper body weights as prescribed.

I was lucky enough to be able to head out to support my mate Mel at the Ipswich Open Time Trial yesterday.   Not only was it great to see Mel, it was great to see all the girls and I was able to position myself on top of the last hill to cheer them all onto the finish.  I cannot wait to be able to ride again properly, even though it’s still a little while off.

However,  what I learned this week is that you cannot rush the healing process, in other words, it’s fine that I’m not back running or riding yet and in the fullness of time it will happen.  I have another physio appointment tomorrow, but no expectations of what will be this week.


3 thoughts on “Return to Fitness Week 3

  1. I just commented on Char’s post saying that I was only able to walk 5mins before I got shin splints today. I think I need to address my weight first. But… at least I tried to do something. I’m loving your attitude about not rushing things and taking your time!


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