Return to Fitness – Week 10



I can’t believe how quickly the week has flown by – I managed to get four bike sessions in, including one on the road, three strength training sessions in, plenty of walking, and a swim.  It was a week of big milestones, the outside riding, the static hamstring holds and a very wobbly single leg bridge – were all achieved.   It stands to reason that the upcoming week may be quieter as you cannot hit big milestones every week – but the successes of the week past have got me hungry for more.

Now that I’m getting the training back on track, the nutrition has been following suit.  I’ve gravitated towards a week of eating no refined sugar or packaged food and apart from feeling really smug, I feel really good for it.    Last week I discovered how nice cauliflower mash can taste and this week I’m experimenting with beef, lentils and pumpkin in the slow cooker and trying out a seafood chowder.

I’ve decided to also enlist the little Lucys into learning the basics of cooking and I have booked them in to do a 5 week cooking course at Jamie’s Ministry of Food Cooking School, which is only fifteen minutes’ drive from us and an incredibly inexpensive school holiday option for families with children over 12.   The five week course is setting the three of us back by $100.00 and if it sets my kids up for cooking like Jamie Oliver for the family down the track, I would say that it’s been a worthwhile investment!

This week I’m also taking a big step and joining a triathlon club and an adult Masters swim club.  I think I have mentioned that I detest swimming in winter so I’m biting the bullet and joining up (as soon as I finish this blog).    I will make sure I come back tomorrow or the next day to confirm that this has actually happened.  I’ve been thinking about it for so long, but have not acted.  My physio recommended for my long term strength/stability that I run for as long as my legs will let me, so triathlon seemed like the perfect sport for now as I can keep my cycling focus.







4 thoughts on “Return to Fitness – Week 10

  1. I’m so impressed with you Liz. Coming back from that injury has been tough but you keep pushing on. And now you’re looking towards new goals. Nothing holds you back.

  2. That cooking class sounds like an amazing idea – my almost 19 yr old niece would definitely benefit.

    I love that you’re feeling motivated and positive about everything!!!


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