Project Liz Week Seven – picking up the pace


It’s been a busy week here at Fitter Liz headquarters (gee, that sounded good just writing that), and I achieved the biggest week of training since the ham went back on the bone seventeen weeks ago.   I managed to nail a few swims, five bike rides, including an 80km solo effort out to Wynnum and back and two very ordinary run/walks with the dog.  However, must remember that this is the first week I have been back walking the dog and well, baby steps.

I also plucked up the courage to get to the UQCC criterium skills session and the UQ Triads bike ride.  Both groups were really nice and I have been told that riding with triathletes in a group ride situation coming from a cycling background can be a little bit weird.     It was a bit strange as nobody rolled any turns and there were a few on TT bikes which I was admittedly a bit leery about.   However, the big positive of the group was that once we warmed up together, all efforts were individual, which lends themselves to TT bikes very nicely – and it’s probably the intention to warm up together as a group and do any efforts individually.

Today I met with my Koiled teammates, Brookey, Mel and Vickie,  and we practised teams time trial training.  There is a Women’s tour coming up here at the end of August and we want to make sure that it stays on the racing calendar, thus Koiled women are fielding two teams.   I put my hand up to do the TTT with the other girls and before training this morning I was feeling incredibly nervous that I would not be able to do four hard ten minute efforts at threshold.   It turned out that I got three and a half done (well above threshold lol) and my teammates could not have been kinder or more encouraging, which really made me feel like, despite having a long way to go fitness wise, I’m still of value as a team member (thanks girls, if you read this!).

This week has been slated as a bit of a recovery week.   I’ve been busy doing other things, including partaking in my first day of relief work at my new job, which is an exercise science role.  My next big step is trying to run better.  This is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated but I am determined not to give up!


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