Project Liz Week Four – Commitment in the Cold

wpid-Photo-20150720163629604.jpgIt’s been unseasonably chilly in Queensland and to have started my fledgling swimming career in Arctic like conditions left me feeling like a rockstar for most of the week.   I used my leveraging technique again, telling the coach that I would “see him on Friday”.

Friday arrived and I would imagine that it was one of the coldest (and windiest) days we have seen in a long time.  Again I procrastinated about a visit to the pool, but remembering the promise I had made, fronted up and jumped in.   If anything, it was chillier than Monday’s episode with the pool staff cheerily informing us of the 24 degree temperature.    It was off for a 700m warm up and then 9 sets of 200 m done on 4 minute intervals.  Plus a cool down.   I am easily the worst swimmer in the squad, but damned if I wasn’t going to get the job done.   Oddly, after swimming about 1500 m or so, I started to feel better and a strange thing occurs when I swim – not only does my body feel weightless, but so does my mind.    I left the pool feeling gleeful about my achievement, smiling like a lunatic at anyone that crossed my path.

Speaking of all things aquatic, I got to try out water running on Sunday – something I have never done before.   Like many things, you can make it as hard or as easy as you like but I’m all for doing something and before long my heart rate was up and again, I left the pool feeling like I could do anything.  I’d be interested to know if there’s a special link between swimming and mood elevation/reduction of depression as I feel so much better about myself after every visit.

Meanwhile I managed to get in four rides this week as well and teach a couple of classes.   I’m mainly riding solo and enjoying being outside and simply thinking.   Today I was reading that INFJs (my Myer Briggs personality type) revere thinking as much as they do breathing. I would almost swear on my life that I spend most of my time internally processing everything.  Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming.  That’s where introversion and being happy being alone help balance it all out.

Overall I’d say the week has been a success.  Bring on this week!

3 thoughts on “Project Liz Week Four – Commitment in the Cold

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying swimming. It is actually ideal for introverts as there’s almost no way you have to carry out a conversation while you’re exercising! I think it’s great you’re going despite the weather and despite your original antipathy!

    You’ll be a triple threat in no time! 🙂

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