Project Liz Week Eight – Never Surrender!


Today I’m coming up on four and a half months post op and as I mentioned in last week’s instalment, I opted to take more of a recovery week – and boy, did I need it!

This week’s theme is “never surrender”.  On Mondays, the swim squad program is geared towards sprinting and anaerobic efforts and towards the end I felt like every time I did a sprint, it was going to be my last.   That is when I told myself that surrendering to my self doubt and quitting was simply not an option.   Naturally, when I had completed the set, I felt like the queen of the world and sauntered out of the pool with a smug little quick step of “I just completed just over 2km of sprinting!”  Unfortunately most people who passed me would have counselled me on the need to own a hairbrush as my hair was standing up on end due to the pool chlorine.

As well as never surrendering, I’m planning on a bigger volume of training this week.  Today, I headed out on the bike and focused on just one thing – cadence – so there were three two kilometre efforts in various gear ratios on my small chain ring and two hill climb attempts.   Tomorrow I’ll be back in the pool and doing strength training,  and Thursday will involve teaching three classes (two cycle, one pilates).    It’s almost as if I have been given the license to behave like a full time athlete this week.  Eat, train and sleep!

It’s really a week of plodding along, one step at at time!


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