Orange, Muesli and Date Bliss Balls


When I was in Victoria to do the Three Peaks Challenge, on the return visit, I did an overnighter in Melbourne so I could see my orthopaedic surgeon the following day.   I stayed at Mantra on Russell, which was a perfect spot to hang my hat (and my bike!) for the evening.

The next day, when I checked out, there were some bliss balls sitting on the front desk, waiting for yours truly to sample.   Unfortunately I was full from the buffet breakfast, so I carefully wrapped one in a serviette and took it with me to my appointment.    I made sure to ask the hotel reception what they were.

“Date and Muesli Bites,” was the reply.

I thought it might be a little bit forward to ask for the recipe so I committed the thought to memory and as soon as I got home, raided the pantry for some likely suspects and got busy.

Here’s my recipe (with a few “keep it real” notes)

100g fresh Medjool dates (these were in plentiful supply at my place due to being taken everywhere on training rides)

60 g Carman’s Fruit and Nut Muesli (partially toasted)

1 teaspoon of Rice Malt Syrup (nope, I didn’t quit sugar and think this was the bee’s knees, however it is really tacky and makes everything stick together really nicely)   You could use some other type of syrup and it would be fine.

1-2 tsp finely grated orange rind.

Sesame seeds to roll them in.

Blitz ingredients in blender /food processor or Thermomix and roll into balls.  Dredge in sesame seeds.  Too easy.

I really liked the taste of these – not too sweet, with a bit of crunch from the muesli and sesame seeds – and the orange adds nice flavour.

Mr Lucy, on the other hand, thought they tasted “curious”.

Moral of the story?  You can’t please everyone!

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