I have my wheels!


Yes! Today was the day of my post operative maiden voyage!   I have been anxiously eyeing off weather forecasts all week as to when the DAY would be that I would have a ride.     In fact, I was so keyed up about the thought of riding that I really didn’t sleep that well last night – and when I woke up to a thick blanket of fog and still wet roads, I decided that due to my current lack of employment, I’d head out during what we cyclists call “pro hours” aka middle of the day riding.

I had been warned about the potential danger to my hamstring repair by clipping in and clipping out and thankfully a generous application of dry lubricant on my pedals solved that problem nicely.    I decided to start off at the closed criterium circuit of Nundah where a few other riders were battling the typical headwind.   I started off gingerly – even putting my foot over the the top tube is an exercise in concentration and once clipped in, I was off.   I was able to do a couple of test run de-clips and I was fine.

I circumnavigated the Nundah track a total of three times.  Wow, I was exhausted and boy did my leg muscles feel weak!   I veered off the track and decided to pedal out to Nudgee Beach.  The wind was behind me on the way out and I was able to spin along at a decent clip.    It certainly felt strange riding at my most unfit, when the previous ride was when I was most fit, so I decided to make some mental notes along the way.

Here are my thoughts:

  • Fitness is a ‘fluid’ concept and it is really up to us how fit we want to be.
  • Fitness is a gift.  When I think that a few short months ago I completed the Three Peaks Challenge I am amazed and so proud.
  • I am amazed how much my fitness levels have dropped in a few short months.   I would guess that from a road cycling perspective I’m near ground zero.
  • I love the idea that hard work and persistence can give you the gift of fitness no matter where you start from.
  • I am really enjoying my journey – it’s been nice to be able to have the time to go to the gym, do my rehab and ride during the day – great in winter.   From a personal perspective, it’s akin to reconnecting to the best parts of myself.
  • I love to think in the future – already I’m planning what I’ll feel like when I’m fitter and I have to give myself a little nudge to remind myself to enjoy this very moment as well.    It’s great to even think of making plans though events/programs are still a long way off.

Well Mr Tendon is a bit tired – so will make sure I rest up tonight!   Although I cannot expect every week to be full of these kinds of breakthroughs, I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

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