Ham (back on) the bone – update one


Today marks ten days since I had my surgery to repair my hamstring. I had it done in Melbourne with Orthosports Victoria with highly regarded trauma surgeon, Dr Andrew Oppy.

I must admit that I was packing it in regards to surgery and once it was time, I didn’t think I could squeeze out one more ‘nervous wee’ but compared with some previous surgeries I have had, this was a breeze.

I was discharged on crutches and surprised by how quickly I managed to get off pain relief. I’ve been spending a couple of weeks in Melbourne so I can knock over the post op appointment and avoid the dreaded deep vein thrombosis which is high risk when flying.

I have a largish incision into my glute-hamstring area and as predicted, it’s a tad tender to sit on! Lying down when you don’t want to lie down is a bit of a pest so I’ve gradually increased the amount I’ve been walking on the crutches and naturally, being in Melbourne, my favourite capital city, has been delightful. I’ve had a few days out shopping with the Little Lucys, which has been great fun. We picked up a few bargains at H & M and then delighted our palates with some delicious Vietnamese street food. I’m aware that I’m probably the exception, rather than the rule.

Overall, even though I have a long road to being fully recovered, I’m looking forward to the challenge, setting goals and reaching them, and becoming fighting fit again!


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