Gym Monday


Since I found out that I was going to need surgery to repair my avulsed hamstring tendon, I’ve been hitting the gym for some upper body and core training.   I’m going to need upper body strength to cope with eight weeks on crutches.

Here’s what I did:

  • push ups (chest)
  • lateral pull downs to the front (back)
  • plank  (core)
  • bent over row (back and core)
  • close grip press (chest and triceps)
  • bicep curls (biceps)

I did three sets of each exercise for approximately 10-12 reps and supersetted them, meaning that I combined the exercises into three pairs – did one exercise first, then the other, then took a short rest break.   Supersetting exercises helps to get more done in less time and is an efficient way of training when you are time poor.

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