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Today marks ten weeks to the day since my surgery to reattach my hamstring tendon back in its rightful place (ischial tuberosity) and yesterday, I ‘rewarded’ myself with a physiotherapy visit, which was rather exciting as I got to have another go at supervised Nordic curls, static strengthening and finally the icing on the cake, I am allowed to have my wheels back – aka I am allowed to ride my bike under strict conditions.

Those conditions are – a flat closed circuit with minimal traffic, so to start with I’ll be using the my old circuit at Jindalee and going to Nundah, especially if I know some of my cycling buddies will be able to join me.   I’m a bit nervous, but at the same time cannot wait to try it.  Unfortunately the weather in Brisbane this week has been drizzly and whilst it is very conducive to soup and curry making, it’s been no good for cycling – and at this stage of the game I’m not even going to consider going out unless the road is dry.

I’ve had a great week on the training front so far – strength training and cross trainer yesterday and an hour on the spin bike plus 700 m of swimming – as I was taking my Dad to the pool for his weekly session.   I’m trying to work up the courage to join the swim squad but have a terrible aversion to the idea of going swimming in winter outdoors when it is dark and cold.    Yet, I know that if I can get into the pool, it will be warm (eventually), winter will leave and summer will return in its place, and it’s great low impact exercise.

Here’s to more movement and an even better mood as a result this week!

6 thoughts on “Good Vibrations

  1. Hi Liz!

    This is the BEST EVER NEWS! Congratulations on making it thus far! Your shiny new wheels get a spin as well! I’m so happy and excited and jumping with joy for you! Let me know when you are keen on a ride at Nundah. It was very wet today! Good luck for your first experience on your bike (I WHEELY want to be present!)

    Cheers, Caro

  2. It should fine up by the end of the week so you might get an opportunity to go out then. I ran this morning and the only cyclists I saw out were commuters looking miserable.

  3. Congrats! That is awesome news. Definitely wise to play it safe. Hopefully the weather dries up soon (down here in Syd too I am over the rain).

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