February Report Card


It’s been an interesting month and technically being a leap year I still have one day of the month left to make a difference.

Even though it didn’t seem like it at the time, cumulatively I have achieved many good things in February.


I have continued to work on implementing new habits in February. I noticed that when the stress started to pile on that I sometimes had my hand in the biscuit barrel – or that I’d have strange cravings to bake sweets. Rather than judge the eating, I started working on, and acknowledging where the stress was coming from and tried to make the necessary changes there. Part of my emerging philosophy is learning to trust myself around all foods – I’m learning that if I’m mindful when I eat, I can hear/feel my body’s cues telling me when I have had enough to eat, no matter what the food or calorie content. Which makes life easy when you’re craving calamari, chips and salad. I’m also working on learning to become appropriately hungry before each meal – still a work in progress, but overall, I would say, successful. All of this habit modification has led to a 9kg drop on the scales since the beginning of the year.

Mental Health:

Had my first proper visit with the psychologist – you can’t really do much in one session – but discussing my family history and sharing the issues that I thought were triggering my depression were illuminating. Upon reflection, what I started telling her and what I finished with were two different things. Sometimes it is a relief to acknowledge the crappy stuff that has happened is just that – crap. It certainly makes it easier to move past it.


It has been a big month for the swim, bike and the run – I have participated in a couple of criteriums, a sprint distance triathlon as well as the disastrous triathlon camp. My times on the bike are steadily improving as is my strength. I’m also starting to overcome some mental hurdles on the bike, particularly around the notion of “keeping up” in a group ride and having enough strength to be able to climb. These thoughts are probably a little silly as I have been gifted with a group of the most amazing kind hearted women to ride with. Today I achieved a 150km ride with 2300m elevation and conquered Gap Creek Road, which has several challenging pinches in it. In the spirit of keeping emotion out in the open, I had told Coach Liz that I was terrified of attempting Gap Creek, particularly after nearly 100km and most of it hilly. Initially I told her that I thought I would go home via a different route, but after nailing two previous climbs with a level of confidence that had taken me by surprise, I told her that it was time to face my demons and give it a go. She simply smiled knowingly – even though I swear that it’s just not in me to try sometimes, it must be. I survived. It was ugly, but I survived – and I now have the confidence to realise that the next attempt, although hard, will be better! How good is that?

Hamstring Rehab:

Put it this way, it’s rumbling along, but haven’t been as diligent as I should have been – I’m going to make sure I end the month with a workout at the gym tomorrow.


Last week saw the annual pilgrimage of ‘fresher’ students to Orientation Week. I jumped in boots and all and went to several lectures on subjects such as critical thinking, evaluating research, writing assignments, submitting work online and how to structure a good academic essay. After initially freaking out that I was too old for this caper, I really started to enjoy myself. I accessed the course outlines and assessment on my special page. The material – like nothing I’ve ever studied before… but interesting too! Am I a tad scared? Most definitely. However, I’m also looking forward to it!

Bring on March!

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  1. You’ve had an amazingly productive February. Making such big strides in so many different areas. You’ve got to pat yourself on the back for that.

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