Don’t “woo-rry”, be happy January “challenge”


“Oh no,” I hear you moan, “not another New Year’s challenge!”

I guess what I am about to propose could be thought of as a challenge, or it could already be an everyday occurrence for most of my readers.. i.e. you!

Here’s the back story – as some of you will have read, I got involved in an altercation with a nutritional quack. Instead of being able to debate the topic at hand with science, she took it upon herself to attack me personally. I delved into her educational background further, which was unsurprisingly light on the nutrition science side of things. As I became specific in my arguments, she (and her cronies) started with the personal attacks, even accusing me of being intransigent, which is now my favourite word in the English language. As I applied some pressure, she backed away by blocking me.

I am a big believer in the power of natural selection, so letting nature (and possibly a few lawsuits) take their course seemed to be a better course of action than to keep refuting her claims. Instead, I’d rather focus my energies into the evidence based actions we all take to better ourselves and/or make the world a better place. If this sounds like you, I’d love to keep the conversation going on my Facebook wall. There is no need to post everyday, certainly no pressure to share my challenge, though if you do, it would be appreciated – if it helps others to see that it’s the small things done well that add up to good health then my purpose is fulfilled. Our actions need not always be related to nutrition and fitness, but to the rest of life as well! Let’s block out all the “woo” speak by not following or engaging with these quacks, let evidence based actions, well, be our evidence 🙂 Who is with me?

Happy New Year to all!

10 thoughts on “Don’t “woo-rry”, be happy January “challenge”

  1. Intransigent? I had to look it up. I’m all over your challenge. 🙂 My goal is a de-wooing of Nutritional Science. I mean, I have to do it, for my own sanity.

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