Brave New World – My Return to Fitness


Today marks nearly three weeks since my hamstring avulsion repair surgery and I have to admit that sustaining such a severe injury and then going through the subsequent surgery has had me wondering what I can expect fitness wise as I recover.   Many of my friends are smashing their cycling, triathlon, strength goals and since finding out that the hamstring was completely avulsed, I have wondered if I’ll ever be able to return to anywhere near my previous levels or times (thinking of individual time trials and triathlons here), or be able to keep up with them!    I’m guessing that these feelings and questions are quite normal and I’ve been quietly “training” myself to accept what is, rather than worry about what isn’t.      Getting in touch with other people who have had hamstring avulsion surgery and consequent repairs has been of comfort too.  I was surprised and impressed when Michelle Bridges got back to me telling me she’d made a full recovery – thank you Michelle.

It really feels like I’m staring down the barrel at a completely new reality with my fitness – but I won’t judge, rather try and progress as best I can.   At any rate, I’m having some fun with this extra time off, some reading, plus I’m looking at trying courses in things like Feldenkrais and Indian cooking.

Thus, I’m just going to start at the beginning.  In my last post, I mentioned the idea of monitoring so as a measure of progress, I’ve been monitoring the number of steps I am taking without the aid of crutches.  Plus, this regular Monday update will be wonderful to look back on when I’m feeling like I haven’t made any progress.

Here’s the progress so far:

Wednesday (post op appointment):  1000 steps

Thursday:  3000 steps

Friday:   3200 steps

Saturday:  2100 steps (feeling tired and sore and rested)

Sunday:  5 548 steps (smashed it!)

I’ve also been dabbling a bit in Instagram, having “discovered” it on my rest bed.  I’ve worked out how to use hashtags as well as how to tag other people.  I haven’t mastered “regramming” yet and I love the variety of photography and posts.   I thought I’d have a bit of fun and take a few photos of the recovery process which I’m going to hashtag “returntofitness” – so please feel free to join me especially if you’re on a “return” journey also!

8 thoughts on “Brave New World – My Return to Fitness

  1. Oh good luck Liz, not an easy thing to do mentally or physically. Look forward to following along your journey. I must admit I have no idea how to use Instagram!

  2. When I think of everything you were doing while your hamstring was avulsed I just know that you’ll do great things whether it recovers fully or you only get back to 90%.

  3. I’ve never worked out how to regram either!!!

    Glad you’re on the mend and I’m sure you’ll be back on the bike and riding vast distances in no time at all!


  4. Every cloud has a silver lining. Even though it seems strange to be “a beginner” again, the experience will make you a better trainer and coach. Embrace the journey and look at it as though it is through the eyes of a client. It is a surprising journey for a fitness professional to take.

    1. Hi Wendy, certainly hope so. Between the two of us, I would imagine that we will cover every body part there is to rehab. I’m going to the physio today so excited about that 🙂

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