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Bagging a bargain!


June/July in Australia is typically ‘sale’ season in Australia and as I love nothing more than a bargain, I’ve indulged in a few goodies, paid for with rewards points (Flybuys and credit card points can come in handy!)

My haul included a slow cooker which was marked down to thirty dollars (reduced from $70), a bright yellow hand mixer (not pictured) reduced from $140 to $55 and a Lorna Jane top marked down from $65.00 to $35.00.

I have taken to doing a big meal prep session on a Sunday and often I will cook multiple meals in the slow cooker.  Having two of them means that I can do it a lot faster.  Slow cookers are wonderful in that they use far less electricity and due to the nature of how they work you can also use cheaper cuts of meat etc.  I’ve been experimenting with dishes like pulled pork and beef and cooking them in the slow cooker for over 24 hours.    There is nothing more simple than chucking a bit of meat and vegetables in a pot with some flavourings and letting the slow cooker work its magic.  Then it is very easy to put everything into containers and defrost when needed and serve with steamed vegetables.

My original hand mixer which has served me faithfully for many years died unexpectedly a few months back, so I could not resist the urge to replace it for such a good price.

And finally we come to my Lorna Jane top – purchased just before the furore of Lorna Jane advertising for the combined role of a receptionist/model for sample stock fitting.  There has been outrage on the Lorna Jane Facebook page from women claiming that the ad was discriminatory against the many shapes and sizes we women come in.   Personally, I think the advertisement was an error of judgment on their part – any person with any nous would realise that to do a cracking job as a receptionist does not hinge on size or what you weigh.  In a fashion business, it’s apparently commonplace to use various models for sample pieces etc.  But where Lorna Jane has completely stuffed up is combining the two roles into the one ad!  Many women are calling for a boycott of Lorna Jane, whilst others are marvelling at how such a blooper has shone the spotlight onto her business and upped her PR credentials.

Personally, I’m not going to be boycotting Lorna Jane products, particularly if I happen to scoop up a good special on gear that I love.  But I will be silently  hoping that she apologises for her gaffe and employs a receptionist who is fantastic at what she does and is a great role model for good customer service – for one, this is what draws me back to a business time and time again, rather than odd PR stunts.   Lorna, take note!


8 thoughts on “Bagging a bargain!

  1. Haha I hope she is listening! Massive oversight to combine the two roles it seems. Congrats on your bargains. I have been trying to avoid spending because I love sales but did cave and get two winter jackets last week as it has been freezing in Sydney!

  2. I didn’t actually think it was that bad a thing to advertise for what you want. I’ve had to hire machinists in the past and after the first ad, always included that the machinist must speak English. I wasn’t being discriminatory. It was just a practicality. If Lorna Jane needs someone who they use for fittings as well as answering phones why shouldn’t she be able to ask for it.

    I’m not a defender of her business – it’s put my nose out of place before.

    1. I completely understand that you do require people for sample fittings – just don’t think she was wise to combine it with a receptionist role. Oh well, I don’t think it will affect her business at all in the long term!

  3. Lorna Jane is far from an option for me. (Am fairly sure they don’t go to 24+!!!!). My mum loves her slow cooker and I’ve put her onto this FB group (which is ridiculously manic) and a website which shares lots of great recipes. I’ve recently done an interview with the person behind the FB group and website about her success.

    So, if you’re looking for SC recipes:


  4. I’m boycotting Lorna Jane, but only because her clothes are stupidly expensive and also there are no shops anywhere near me. 😉 When I do happen to be nearby, I never seem to find bargains at all. Even her factory outlet asks $60 for a crop top. That’s nuts – I can wander round the corner to Nike and find one for $25.

    As for the job ad, call me cynical, but I just had a nasty feeling that the “fit model” part was rubbish and just a ploy to ensure they didn’t end up with a chubby receptionist. I hope I’m wrong, but knowing the fitness industry, I doubt it.

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