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It always seems that when I plan to ride more, that it starts to rain. Whilst I love hearing the sound of rain patter on our roof and I’m thrilled to see our country folk getting it, riding in it is no fun. Thus it was perfect timing when Kim, the owner of Activ Cycle Coaching, suggested I try out an indoor session.

This morning I was able to roll out of bed at my usual time, content in the knowledge that I’d be getting a workout and half, even though it was raining.

The Activ Cycle Coaching centre is laid out into four different groups which roughy match the rider’s goals and fitness levels – thus it allows everyone to train together, whether novice or elite. As I’m really focusing on building a good endurance ‘base’, I chose the ‘endurance’ group, however I was not in for an easy session. The other beauty of coming to one of these sessions is that it is really up to you how hard you decide to hurt yourself.

Once in your designated group, you slip your bicycle onto a wind trainer which is hooked up to central computer. If you know your FTP (functional threshold power) value, this is entered into the computer and you are then provided with the wattages you need to hit via a large TV monitor. The same thing is done for the other members – everyone has their own individual targets to hit. If you feel the urge, you can also ‘race’ your fellow teammates across the screen. As I was the only girl in the group, seated next to some men who were pushing out some pretty decent wattage, I was never really in with a chance on the ‘race across the screen’ part. However, when our watts/kg figures were placed on the screen, though our raw numbers were different, we were all working as hard as each other. How cool is that?

An hour and fifteen minutes later after some strength efforts, high cadence spin ups and sprints (yikes!) , I was a sweaty, yet happy, mess – that is what a good dose of endorphins will do for you! Indoor training using power is a great way to train, especially if conditions preclude you from doing an outside effort. There is no hiding from using power as a metric – you are either working or you are not – in this case your perceptions and feeling well and truly stay out of it!

I will be definitely doing some more indoor sessions – to improve my fitness and to give me another training option when it is raining.

My win of the day?
– getting in a solid training session, even though it is raining.
My loss of the day?
-coming down with a tummy bug and spending the rest of the day in bed.

Thanks to everyone at Activ for having me at training this morning!

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  1. The other benefit to indoor training is the mental one. I think it’s way harder mentally to do a session indoors than one outside. It takes mental strength to continue to push hard when you could just get off the bike and relax.

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