Hi there!  I’m Liz – welcome to my corner of the world.

I ride bikes and tell stories – and I’d love to share them with you!

Why I’m here?

Through sharing my own health and wellness journey – to becoming fitter and stronger, I hope that I can light a fire in you that encourages you to achieve whatever health, fitness or life goal you might have.

As a health professional with degrees in pharmacy and exercise science (ESSA accredited), I want to showcase that evidence based methods of training, athletic preparation and nutrition strategies achieve great outcomes and my aim is to keep this site free of “woo” and health quackery.

I also have post graduate qualifications in journalism and communication.

Who is this site for?

This site promotes enjoying health and fitness in a balanced, kind manner and is a documentation of my own experiences in the world of health and fitness as an amateur cyclist who enjoys road racing, triathlon and the sport of post event relaxation.

This site is for anyone that want to call their own shots in respect to health and fitness.  It’s for those who want to drown out the noise of those who peddle fanatical diets and health advice that isn’t based on good science/research.

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