A lifelong love of learning


One of my favourite qualities in both of my teenage daughters is a curiosity to learn about, and explore the world around them. If they continue to maintain this quality into their adulthood, I shall be a very happy woman.

Today’s post is inspired by my visit to what felt like “yet another physio” about my hamstring. To put in lay person’s terms, the timing of contraction and sequencing of movement patterns was just not happening. There had been no improvements in strength and I had felt like things were going backwards. Luckily the specialist physio that has been overseeing my rehab was able to come up with some alternative ideas to help keep me on the straight and narrow. I decided to see another of the physios in her practice to help things along. I really wasn’t holding out much hope that this new physio could help me – after all, I had decided – how many ways can you engage a hamstring?

He asked me to demonstrate some of my rehab exercises.

“It hurts behind my knee,” I growled in frustration.

“I think it’s hurting because your knee is hyperextended,” he mused.

All of a sudden the penny dropped. I am hyper mobile, meaning that my joints around a lot more than they should, thus achieving stability can be an issue. No wonder I had been sore. My knees are so hyper mobile, my legs almost look concave when I lock them into a straightened position. He then proceeded to explain a lot of my issues in terms of the running gait. It logically explained why running has been hard to achieve and the steps I needed to do to get back on track. I have to admit that the scientist in me loved it – I find it motivating when I have a good solid reason to do something.

The physio also tested my hamstring – my strength has improved marginally in my left leg, but my right leg has also improved – meaning that my relative strength percentage has actually dropped to just below 70%. We set some strength targets, agreed on a review date and off I went.

Having some real data to work with helps me to accept where I am in my rehab and not to be ashamed of it. It was fantastic to receive another knowledgeable opinion on my hamstring and learn more about the rehabilitation process.

My take home thought of the day:

“Nothing is more powerful than surrendering to the notion that we don’t know everything, because it allows us to create a platform for learning, growth, and enquiry.”

What have you learned today?

2 thoughts on “A lifelong love of learning

  1. Woohoo! Look at you go. 🙂

    What did I learn today? I learned that I’m brilliant at making excuses not to do stuff. But apparently, I’m also getting better at recognising those excuses for what they are and swatting them away. I think there’s a blog post in that.

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