Ham on the bone – six months on!


I have just passed the six month post surgery mark and I thought I would do a little update as to where I’m at in the recovery process.   Bearing in mind that a near full recovery takes about year, I think that my recovery has proceeded at the expected rate – so if anyone out there who is reading my blog is looking down the barrel of hamstring avulsion surgery, this is what you can expect.

  • At six month’s post surgery, my left hamstring has 70% strength compared with the right side.  An orthopaedic surgeon would suggest that this is a reasonable outcome.
  • My left leg has atrophied a lot in comparison with my right leg.
  • Unless I palpate my ischial tuberosity, there is not really any localised pain.
  • The leg gets achy after long periods of activity.
  • Flexibility is returning slowly but is not something I am seeking yet on the advice of my physio.
  • I can swim and cycle well but I am nowhere near my previous performance in cycling and climbing is still a major challenge.  However, I am achieving distances over 100km now and am feeling a bit stronger.
  • As per my hospital goal, I completed a fun run in September.  I ran 5km at average 6.20/km pace.  As a pre surgery comparison, I would have done a fun run in the 5-5.15/km pace.
  • I have completed a short course triathlon.
  • I have not been doing enough strength training of significance.  Having severe wrist tenosynovitis is not doing me any favours.

To sum up, running is still very difficult for me and I have not passed the “I’m happy with your progress” strength test by my physio.

What’s next?

At six month’s post op, I’ve done enough healing to start making some serious inroads into my fitness.  There is also the issue of losing the weight I have gained.  I’ve done nearly two weeks of harder training on the bike and have really enjoyed it.  I’ve tried one run, done some strength training and had a swim.  Mooloolaba triathlon, here we come!

4 thoughts on “Ham on the bone – six months on!

  1. Hell yes, I think you’ve been doing a great job. I assume it’s almost impossible to predict how someone will heal and it’s dependent on so many things. I know an older gentleman who just had his hip (or knee?!) re-replaced as the first op didn’t go too well. I was interested as neither my mum’s hip or knee replacement were particularly successful. This guy found some great new surgeon and had it re-done, but several months later has had no improvement on how it was after the first-op.

    Keep at it cos I think you’re doing a great job. (Says me who falls into a big heap at the first hurdle!)

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