12 Weeks Post Op – the next phase!


I’ve finally made it! Tomorrow marks twelve weeks post hamstring avulsion reattachment surgery and whilst I am nowhere near fully healed, things on the rehab side are moving into a new phase, hence I decided to turn off the “Return to Fitness” blurb and get onto “Project Liz” as it’s going to be at least 12 weeks and then some until I’m able to get back into specific coaching with Coach Liz.  Therefore, I’m flying solo with my training until then.   This is one area where I’m really lucky – I have the qualifications to coach myself very effectively.   I can hear you asking, “why don’t I coach myself?” and my reply to that is that someone external to you can often “see” you better than you can “see” yourself and like most other humans, I find being accountable to someone very useful.

To recap what I achieved last week –

– 140km on the bike (yay!)

– tabletop core exercises

– the Indooroopilly hill climb (pain free)

My goals for this week are

-150km plus on the bike (spread over 4 rides)

– gym/strength 3 x this week

– add in my high cadence running!

Yes, I am finally allowed to run.  I am allowed to jog on the spot for 30 seconds at a time at a high cadence (180 bpm).  Apparently running with small strides and a high cadence places less stress on the ischial tuberosity/hamstring tendon area which is just what you want when you’re healing a hammy!

The Little Lucys are on school holidays and I’ve decided to delay the swim squad until they head back to school.  I thought I’d start with a  lunchtime squad and venture into the early mornings once I have plucked up the courage – did I mention I hate cold pool water?

Until next week!



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